A team player dedicated to getting things done for the City of Columbia, Councilwoman Devine’s record reflects her leadership and results on the following initiatives:

Economic Development

  • Spearheaded the re-organization of the Office of Business opportunities
  • Served on the Board of the River Alliance
  • Board member of Engenuity SC
  • Pushed for a Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Helped with creative financing plan to bring Mast General to Main St, which started the revitalization of our city core.
  • Championed the re-investment into the city’s aging infrastructure, which has resulted in $500 million in water and sewer upgrades
  • Proponent of city developing “toolkit” to assist with economic development recruitment and retention
  • Supporter of Mentor/Protégé, Local Business Preference and Sub-contractor Outreach programs
  • Graduate of South Carolina Economic Developer’s School

Public Safety

  • Spearheaded re-organization of the Municipal Court, to include specialized court and the utilization of technology
  • Pushed for city-wide camera system to include commercial and residential areas
  • Pushed for gang study, which has been utilized to create programs to keep our youth out of gangs and also provide training for parents to recognize gang activities, signs and graffiti
  • Supported the Public Safety Recruitment and Retention plan
  • Founded City of Columbia’s recognition of National Youth Violence Prevention week
  • Involved in the development of the Police Athletic League (PAL), a program that blends public safety officers into activities in the City’s parks
  • Advocated for the implantation for state of the art technology to help reduce crime and assist officers to do their job more efficiently

Community/Neighborhood Improvement

  • Pushed for the Parks Master Plan, which assessed the infrastructure and programmatic needs of our entire park system
  • Advocate for Choice Communities Planning Grant, which will help plan the transformation of the entire East Central part of the City
  • Championed the establishment of the City of Columbia employee loan program, which assist city employees buy homes within the city limits, thus encouraging them to live in the communities they serve
  • Proponent of the city’s targeted use of National Stabilization Program (NSP) funds

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Pushed for city budget information and check register to be placed online
  • Pushed for an operational efficiency study, which many of the recommendations have been implemented streamlining city processes and saving taxpayers millions of dollars
  • Serves on Council budget committee, which proposed a no-tax increase budget for the past 6 years
  • Fought for the hiring of a grants writer to help identify funding for city services, to include law enforcement grants and funding for housing and park services. (


  • Led the effort for council meetings to be shown on Channel 2 and stream live on city’s website
  • Served on council committee that pushed for a city wide ethics policy and a confidential way for citizens to report suspicion of ethical violations by elected officials or staff

Health & Wellness of Citizens and Staff

  • Began the Ultimate Citywide Wellness challenge
  • Championed the establishment Employee Wellness Program and the establishment of the Employee Wellness Center, helping reduce the employee health care costs
  • Co-Chair of Let’s Move Columbia
  • Championed to creation of family-fitness and healthy lifestyle activities
  • Established strategic partnerships between the city and other organization to provide information and options regarding healthy lifestyles